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miss you, miss you, now i've gotta kiss you

Lee and i went to the Sandwich fair yesterday, and it was fun, but all the tied up animals made me sad. then we went to a place that had penny candy, and then we stole things from Walmart, including the new Cake cd. it was a rad time, as always.

i'm not really sure what i want to do after i graduate. i could stick around here for another 6 months, but part of me wants to move. i could move to providence and hang out with desiree and julie and colleen. i've even thought about moving back home for a month or so to hang out with old friends. i'd still love to do a stand-up tour, but i don't imagine i'll get too many shows right away. i might have another show on thursday though. i hope so, anyway.

time to watch Aladdin!
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