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so i did some more stand-up on sunday night. i opened for some comedian named elvira kurt. she has a special on comedy central. heard of her? anyway, the room was packed...about 600 people, and i opened with about 10-15 minutes of stuff that i wrote, and the audience laughed a lot. and when i said my time was up, they starting booing. and a bunch of random people told me afterwards that i was funny, and some people have even said that i was funnier than she was. a bunch of people told me that when i opened for colin quinn too, so i guess i'm off to a good start. i even have an agent now, apparently. at least, he's someone with tons of connections who assured me that he can get me paying shows (like...hundreds of dollars a show) at different colleges and the like. getting paid to make people laugh would be awesome. so i think that's what i'm going to do after i graduate. i'll do stand-up for a year, and then i'll still probably move to japan.
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