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ummm...let's see...

went to the Andrew WK/Locust/No Motiv show last weekend, and it was fun. The Locust is incredible live.

Mandie's 21st birthday party was the next day, and i got incredibly drunk. but i saw a lot of kids, and hanging out with Jessie was fun.

was sick for most of the week, so i didn't leave my house for like....5 days? fantastic!

this last saturday, i went to Maine with Mike, Brian, and Jeremiah for a TheatreSports show. Tyler and John went too. our audience was about 40 senior citizens. and they loved us! some little old lady came up to me afterwards and told me i made her laugh so hard her cheeks hurt. then we went to the arcade and i beat X-men again.

sunday was river rave. saw the distillers, my morning jacket, the living end, the darkness, finger eleven, and the offspring. it was fun, but kinda sad, because the distillers, my morning jacket, and the living end didn't play any of my favorite songs. all 3 bands ignored the songs i love. oh well. and we ran into this girl who happened to be a waitress at the place where we did the TheatreSports show the day before. she said that i was amazing, and that i was her idol. then she asked if she could shake my hand. then all her friends wanted to shake my hand. haha. what can i say...i'm an idol to 15 year old girls.

saw Hart todayyy. nerdbag!
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